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Obama and Abortion

Posted in abortion, politics, uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on August 21, 2008

Mr. William Katz of Urgent Agenda cross-links to an NRO post in his post Obama and the Kids.  The NRO article concerns Obama’s slippage in the polls among young voters.  McCain seems to be winning forty percent of the young vote.    

But, why should this be surprising.  In general, political affiliations are familial.  Much like showing up at your 25-year high school reunion and finding everyone there just like their parents (which we all swore we’d never become), so it is with voting.  See any of the Kennedy clan running as Republicans?  See any of the Bush clan running as Democrats?

But, abortion is killing, disproportionately, the Democrats.  Statistically, the more liberal, the more likely you’re going to get an abortion.  So, what’s left from the most aborted generations of the last forty years? The children of conservatives.  Its roughly a 60/40 split, so you still have plenty of young folks to show up for Barry’s rallies.  

But, what the MSM fails to show are a huge number of young folks that didn’t show up. There’re off doing their homework.  Or, patroling the back streets of Iraq and Afghanistan. They really know the stakes; they have a legacy to protect; they have a country to run. 


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