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Georgia (and not Obama) on My Mind

Posted in uncategorized by Eugene Podrazik on August 15, 2008

History never really took a vacation; even during the 90’s.  However, large swaths of the liberal intellectoid class never came to grips with that even after the attacks of September 11, 2001.  These intellectoids tiptoe around the elephant in the living room; that we are in fact at war.  One is a young senator named Obama. Here, courtesy Powerlineis Obama’s McGovernite military policy formulated in the very midst of our conflict defending Western Civilization against the barbarism of Islam.  A proposal for disarmament in the heat of battle.

Now, history is really back with a bang as Russia attacks Georgia.  Never mind the ideology, it is the Russian Bear in the midst of asserting its hegemony over central Asia.  It is the Great Game back in spades.  Obviously, Barry never cracked open a history book.  All we get, from Hawaii, is some lame kumbya response about everyone just needs to just get along.   

Now, lets look at the full extent of this problem.  Map of Georgia.  Georgia is sandwiched, with Azerbiajan between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.  To the north is Russia.  To the south is Iran.  And, running through is the sole oil pipeline not controlled by either Russian and Iran.  This incursion gives Russia and Iran a chokehold on oil from the Arctic circle to the straits of Hormuz.   

So, now you have two rouge powers sitting astride a huge chunk of the world’s oil.  One of those powers is nuclear.  And, if Barry gets his way so will the other.  

Fixing our energy policy now takes on a new urgency.  We need to be drilling to counteract a monopoly control that could very well choke the world’s economy.  We need to counteract a monopoly that has a nuclear arsenal to enforce that monopoly.  And, Barry’s proposals to tax oil companies, inflate our tires, take the bus and build windmills become frighteningly absurd in the face of a very powerful monopoly that is under the control of one and potentially two nuclear powers.



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