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Obama and the Election That Time Forgot

Posted in politics by Eugene Podrazik on August 7, 2008

The MSM in its biased coverage, does the GOP a huge favor in screening out week candidates.  The result for the Democrats is that there’s a shallow bench of very weak candidates.  And, Barry is such a candidate. But, the fact he still has a shot at the Oval Office can only be explained by a electorate that simply forgot the last time the Democrats really ruled the roost–that being Carter’s four years as president.  How many people remember the years of double digit inflation?  Or, double digit prime interest rates?  Does any remember the travails of “bracket creep?”  

Does any remember the shame and humiliation of the Iran hostage crisis?  The debacle of Desert One? Does any remember “the hollow military?” 

Some of the attractiveness of the Democrats are due to the GOP’s neglect to the basic message of small government, low taxes and minimal regulation.  And, for that reason, they very much deserved the kick in the butt in 2006.  Being in the minority has had the salutary effect of making the GOP return to its small government roots.  

But, much more is due to an electorate that for nearly a generation has not experienced real hardship.  And, in the conceit of such wealth and prosperity of the last 30 years, we have the “luxury” to dabble in such stupidities of Obama-ism.

Let’s do the demographics.  For the sake of argument, let assume you come of age at eighteen years of age. On that assumption, let’s go back to the high school class of 1972.  These folks were born about 1954 and are about 54 years of age.  This is the last class that would face the draft.  And, this is the last class that would, contemporaneously face military casualties on the magnitude of D-Day.  Not to denigrate the sacrifice of our servicemen fighting Islamic imperialism, the sum total of our casualties since 2001, were tragically exceeded on many occasions in a single day in the Civil War, WW I and WW II.  

Moreover, even though the class of 1972 had to live through the Carter years, it was largely on the sidelines. Many of this demographic were in college, grad school, or otherwise were just starting out in their careers; only to be ready to step into the economic prosperity of the Reagan years.

The high school class of 1980 was born in 1962 and is about 46 years old.  Barry roughly falls into this cohort.  In addition to witnessing ascendant foreign and military policies that ended the cold war, this cohort never really experienced a true economic downturn.

So, now we have an economy that has wrung out an slack that Reagan’s economic policies provided.  We no longer have the room to accommodate the loony Utopias Barry would want to impose by government fiat. We no longer can outsource our dirty activities to the third world so we can feel good about how “green” our “personal” life.  We’re going to have to actually put down our lattes and get our hands dirty by doing things like drill for oil.

Barry’s not going to talk his way out of this one.  The question is whether a generation of voters will listen to an older generation about life before our 30 year vacation from history.

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  1. Scott said, on August 16, 2008 at 12:36 am

    You do an outstanding job of making sense of these issues. I like your blog a lot so I will stop back again. Take care.

  2. Scott said, on August 16, 2008 at 12:44 am

    I personally like Obama over McCain, but also think it’s good for America to have a very intelligent discussion of the issues. I wish there were more posts like this one to help us really decide based on important issues.

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